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9 Cheap Activities To Do in Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

Are you looking for something unique and fun that doesn't break the bank? We're right there with you, that's why every activity on our website is booked on discount. Check out this GO-TO list of cheap activities here in Richmond, VA.

9 Cheap Activities To Do in Richmond, VA
9 Cheap Activities To Do in Richmond, VA
9 Cheap Activities To Do in Richmond, VA
9 Cheap Activities To Do in Richmond, VA

1. Venture Out On The James River


This local Richmond activity, Black Dog Paddle, is the ideal place to try something new and do so on a budget! Black Dog Paddle brings forward serene experiences on the water that include exploration, yoga, fitness and more. Local professionals will give you a short crash course on paddle boarding. After that, it won't be long until you're standing on water.

Estimated time: 2 hours

Prices began at $28 for two full hours.

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2. Get Some Fresh Air at Maymont Park


Maymont Park is one of Richmond's absolute gems as it is not only incredibly peaceful but so large there is space for any outdoors activity! Maymont is the ideal place for a peaceful walk, a place to run with the dog, a picnic date or just throw the Frisbee.

Estimated time: 2 hours

This is a cost-free activity.

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3. Rent Bikes


Do you remember getting your first set of wheels growing up? Whether it was a bike, a car or a scooter, it felt like freedom. Adventures In RVA helps you unlock that freedom again. Break out of the normal day and ride around the city. Perhaps tie it in with one of our other cool activities listed. Be sure to wear a helmet!

Estmiated Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

This activity starts at $8/hr for adults & $6/hr for kids

4. Get Fired Up with Sculpture and Pottery


Whether you have the skills or not, All Fired Up, has something for you. They offer pottery painting, wheel throwing, and glass fusing among other creative activities. The class leaders encourage all levels or skill and are so happy to help out if needed. At All Fired Up you will be able to love what you make and keep it to share with friends... or not!

Estimated time: 2 hours

This cheap activity runs from $12 all the way up to $28.

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5. Make Something Masterful in Painting Class


Bring out your inner Picasso at Paint 'N Play RVA where you'll paint under the guidance of a professional, local artist. The best part? You can paint wherever you want. Find that space that brings you the most inspiration, call up Paint 'N Play RVA, plan an event and get to making your masterpiece.

Estimated time: 2 hours

This activity begins at $30 per adult.

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Hand-picked for you: The Best Activities in Richmond, VA

6. Test Out Disc Golf at Bryan Park


For those who are adventurous, Bryan Park, right here in Richmond hosts a nationally accredited Disc Golf Range. What is disc golf? Frisbee and golf with a creative touch. It's more fast paced than regular golf and requires just as much precision. Pick up a set of discs that will last you a lifetime and play for free at any local course

Estimated time: 2 hours

This is a cost-free activity

7. Break Out Your Bow


Inspired by the Hunger Games at all? G Force Archery Tag lets you hone your own set of skills with a bow, hero-level responsibilities soon to follow.

Estimated time: 2 hours

This fun activity begins under $25 per person

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8. Spread Some Paint


XZone not only lets you shoot your friends, but they encourage it. Immerse yourself in a war zone, playing scenarios such as Modern Warfare, Capture The Flag, or Civil War. No war wounds, just paint. Who knows, maybe you'll look good in red.

Estimated time: 2 hours

This memorable activity begins at $35 per person

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9. Get Strange with Craft Beer


You can't talk about Richmond's beer scene without mentioning Strangeways Brewing. Not only can you indulge in the bizarre lineup of beer names and flavors, but they also have weekly events at their brewery. Sip on their odd creations as you play Cards Against Humanity, trivia, or catch a burlesque show.

Estimated time: 1 hour

Drink prices begin at around $6 per

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First published on 2016-06-11 5:10pm, last updated on 2016-07-14 2:46am

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