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Party Ideas that Need to Come to Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

Zombies, breaking stuff, bulldozers and more. Entrepreneurs take note: these ideas have made waves in other cities. We'd love to see them come to Richmond.

We spend a lot of time looking at private party ideas. Here are some of our favorites, that we wish we could participate in here in Richmond.


What it is: Smash things. Feel better.

Where to find it: Dallas, TX, Boise, ID, or Buenos Aires, Argentina

Smashing things at the Break Club in Argentina

At the Anger Room in Dallas, Texas, people pay to break things - either alone or together. A therapy session comes with three options: "I Need a Break" grants five minutes in the Anger Room for $25. Bump it up to the "Lash Out" session, where you get 15 minutes for $45. And for those nursing some serious rage, 25 minutes of "Total Demolition" goes for $75. Licencing is available according to their FAQ'S.

In San Diego one such break room was called "The Smash Shack." The owner hit an emotional rock bottom and woke up one day thinking I really want to go break some stuff - and the Smash Shack was born. Plates were for sale, and people were encouraged to write something on them with a sharpie before smashing them against a wall.

Psychologists tell us that we break things when we're angry, because it gives us a sense of control over an object and therefore our lives.


Throwing plates against the wall at Smash Shack in San Diego

This looks a lot more fun than therapy.

Let's hope we can safely break things in Richmond soon.


What it is: Book a room.... then try to get out of it.

Where to find it: Many cities including Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Minneapolis, MN, New York NY and Washington D.C.


Now, where did I put my keys?

If you've never played Escape the Room games online, the idea is simple. The object of the game is to escape a room by clicking to open safes, loosen vents or peer under the table until you find a key.

The popular concept has made it to real life. When groups attempt a room escape, guests are totally removed from their current world and are focused on nothing but escape for 60 minutes.


Not all groups figure it out in time.

One company, which has locations in various US cities, adds a horrifying twist. At Room Escape Adventures, you have to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, find the key and escape the room... without getting eaten.

No, we're not making this up. There is a hungry zombie chained to the wall. Your group is given 60 minutes to escape the room, and every five minutes, a buzzer sounds and the chain is released another foot from the wall.

Great for a date night. If it's not going well, you can offer him or her up as zombie food.


What it is: Drive a bulldozer on an obstacle course

Where to find it: Las Vegas

Remember those hours you'd spend as a kid playing in the sandbox?

You can log those hours as an adult in Las Vegas with an attraction called Dig This. Groups of people go through warm-up exercises to learn how to operate bulldozers and then play games such as "Excavator Basketball," or "Bulldozer Teeter-Totter."


Choose between a Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozer or a Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavator.


Make excavators "dance".

Groups celebrating bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, "man camp" weekends or corporate teambuilding outings can buyout the entire playground. Everyone is required to take a breathalizer before hand, so guests are encouraged to save the celebration for after.

We dig this, but it's a shame we have to fly to Vegas.

We'd rather dig in our own backyard.


What it is: Eat a meal with friends without seeing your food.

Where to find it: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, CA, Dallas, TX, and New York, NY

Say what you will of the idea of Dine in the Dark. But have you ever done it?


Don't bother putting makeup on

Several restaurants throughout the country exclusively serve meals either in pitch blackness, or that offer their guests blindfolds.


Turn off your eyes, and your other senses expand.

Opaque restaurants have at least five locations in the states. Their slogan? "Close Your Eyes And See."

Other upsides: you won't have to worry about what you're wearing, and no one will notice if you spill.

Do you have an idea that you think should be in Richmond, VA? Send it our way here.

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First published on 2015-03-13 12:55pm, last updated on 2016-06-22 5:26pm

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