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Amazon April 1 Pranks You Still Have Time To Order

By PartyRVA Staff

With Amazon Prime you can still get these gag gifts in time for April Fools day.

Amazon April 1 Pranks You Still Have Time To Order
Amazon April 1 Pranks You Still Have Time To Order
Amazon April 1 Pranks You Still Have Time To Order
Amazon April 1 Pranks You Still Have Time To Order

After a few clicks you can prank your friends with our list of great pranks that are available on Amazon Prime. While pranks like this fake-positive pregnancy test might cross a line, here we picked pranks with the least chance of being fired, slapped or killed.

(Disclaimer: you never know.)

Here are our favorite ideas that will arrive by April 1st!

Happy Pranking :)

The Fake Lottery Ticket


Everyone will be planning their summer vacations before you know it.

Click Here

The Fake Cockroach


Let them lay in wait in the lunchroom, or place them in your donuts box.

Click Here

The Fake Parking Ticket


"Please peel off tape and stick the envelope on your forehead"... priceless.

Click Here

The Fake Poop


The time-old classic never gets old.

Click Here

The Fake Fart


Loud fart sounds, from 100 feet away.

Click Here

The Fake Fart Smell


Spray "highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray" outside the bathroom and see if anyone goes in.

Click Here

The Fake Gift Box




Put your own gift into these boxes for fake products from apparently clueless companies.

Click Here

The Fake Toilet Paper


It is impossible to tear this toilet paper!

Click Here

The Bottomless Cup Prank


Everyone gets it except for the one drinking.

Click Here

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