Plan your best group event in Richmond, VA

Insider's Private Party Guide to Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

If you're planning a private party in Richmond, VA - start here.

Insider's Private Party Guide to Richmond, VA
Insider's Private Party Guide to Richmond, VA
Insider's Private Party Guide to Richmond, VA
Insider's Private Party Guide to Richmond, VA

Congratulations! Whether it's for a happy occasion such as a birthday party, graduation party, bar/bat mitzvah, bon voyage or just because... whether it's a corporate function, fun-day outside of the office, a retirement party... or whether it's wedding-related such as a bridal shower, baby shower, bachelor or bachelorette party... use this guide as a starting point to planning your private party in Richmond, VA.

TIP #1 - Don't pay full price.

It's 2016 and there is a discount for that. Whatever it is. Party decorations, new slippers online or even private events. There is a discount.

Here at PartyRVA, we can't score you that 15% off on new slippers but we have a discount on nearly every single listing on our site. Make sure you get the discount by sending a message to that business through the site - that locks in your group discount, which is particular to each business.

And using PartyRVA is completely free.

TIP # 2 - Go paperless to keep track of RSVPs.

Free PartyRVA invites....

  • are seen immediately and can't be misplaced by accident
  • include easy links to your party's site on PartyRVA with more information
  • will automatically keep headcount for you
  • can let guests change their RSVP at any point.

Get started by naming your party here.

TIP #3 - Enable Voting for easy group decisions.

Use PartyRVA to make any group decision easier.

  1. Create a party and give it a name. Click here to get started.
  2. Add party ideas to the party.
  3. Invite friends to the page. Each friend can vote and leave comments.

It's that easy!

Tip #4 - Personalize to make it memorable.

Nowadays people want a party that's uniquely them.

PartyRVA lets you search for what fits you, such as "Young at Heart", "Relaxing", "Outdoors" or "Educational."

On PartyRVA, you'll find local businesses that are not national franchises, so these ideas are truly one of a kind.

Start searching now at

TIP # 5 - Think outside of the box.

Check out PartyRVA's adventures category to find activities that everyone can enjoy.

For a bachelor or bachelorette party, make some or all of the time pent together wholesome fun... you'll be able to share the photos after.

COMING SOON - Check out PartyRVA's add-ons category to find ideas such as living statuary, giant balloon animals, s'more buffets and margarita machines.

TIP #6 - Hire a photographer.

The occasion you're celebrating is a once-in-a-lifetime event - and after all of the work that went into it, you'll want to remember it with photographs that are as stunning and memorable as the event itself.

The impact of professional-quality photos is huge.

COMING SOON - Check out our recommended list of photographers who are great at capturing special events.

TIP #7 - Tell your guests what you want.

Guests prefer to know they're getting something the recipient is excited to use.

Buying gifts can be a stressful and time-consuming process for party guests. But with a gift registry, it doesn't have to be.

When someone clicks on a gift, and then buys it for you, then no two people will buy the same gift.

COMING SOON - Gift registries on PartyRVA will be free!

Want more party ideas? Check out to see our unique directory of great ideas. Each idea gives you a discount when you send a party inquiry through PartyRVA.

First published on 2015-03-09 12:55am, last updated on 2016-07-07 7:21pm

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