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Out-of-the-Box Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

It's Bar and Bat Mitzvah time in Richmond, VA - but tired of looking at ballrooms? Look no further than our list of interesting ideas, that can be found on PartyRVA.

Nowadays the trend for all types of events is for them to be more unique, more customized, more you. PartyRVA is the site that people turn to when they need ideas for an out-of-the-box event. Everyone will be wondering how you came up with these hidden gems in Richmond.

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Thunderbolt Indoor Karting



At Thunderbolt Indoor Karting drivers race each other in a spacious indoor facility that opened in June 2014. Parties can take place in their private party room or spacious conference room. Alternatively, they can set up the party trackside, where friends can cheer each other on as they zoom by.

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Capital Ale House Music Room and GameRoom



Many people know about Capital Ale House, winner of Richmond's Best Bar. Not many people know about the downstairs gameroom that features a pool table, and dart boards. Kids can hang out in the gameroom - which holds up to 75 people - while adults can enjoy the spacious music hall located in the same facility.

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Center Stage



If the bar or bat mitzvah is for an art, music and dance lovers, this is the event venue they've dreamed of. The Landmark theater at Center Stage lets people dine on its stage, overlooking the audience. Receptions can book talent for a private concert. At this event venue, they get to be a star.

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Gottwald Playhouse


Don't let the bleachers fool you. Like a transformer, the tiered stairway in the Gottwald Playhouse can be reconfigured so that the entire floor is flush, making it perfect for a reception, dance party or anything else you can put your mind to.

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First published on 2015-10-16 12:22am, last updated on 2016-06-22 5:26pm

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