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The Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

Supermom or Superdad saves the (birth)day. This is a list of the best kid birthday parties as picked by the PartyRVA staff. Ours is the only list with exclusive discounts.

The Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond, VA
The Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond, VA
The Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond, VA
The Best Kid Birthday Party Ideas in Richmond, VA

This is the only list of kid birthday party ideas in Richmond, VA with discounts. To get a discount, simply click on the link and send a party inquiry through PartyRVA.

Great ideas book early!! Make party planning ridiculously easy with a PartyRVA reminder. Simply type in the birthdate of each child and we'll send a one-time reminder to book your party, 2 months before. Phew!

Active Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Idea: Peak Experiences.


PartyRVA DISCOUNT: Book with this link to receive $25 off the total of the party at Peak Experiences.

Voted by Style Weekly readers as the "Best Place To Have A Birthday Party", Peak Experiences is a rock-climbing facility of over 20,000 square feet of climbing and party space. While there are some serious climbers, Peak Experiences caters to all levels, especially beginners - in fact... Read more

Birthday Party Idea: Virginia Fishing Adventures


PARTYRVA DISCOUNT: Book with this link to get 30 minutes added on to the fishing time for a longer party.

For 11 years, Virginia Fishing Adventures has been focused on getting kids outside. For those who love the outdoors (or for those whom you'd hope would go outdoors more), Virginia Fishing Adventures offers overnight fishing and camping parties as well.

Birthday Party Idea: Thunderbolt Indoor Karting


PARTYRVA DISCOUNT: Book with this link to receive a 10% discount for kids parties of 10 guests or more!

At Thunderbolt Indoor Karting, junior karts give children the feel and excitement of real F1 racing without the intensity of full-blown adult karting. The junior karts are smaller in size and only reach speeds of up to 25 mph. Electric karts give kids a great day of racing without any fumes or gas smell. At Thunderbolt's kids parties everyone takes home a medal.

Birthday Party Idea: Bogeys Sports Park

"It's great for kids and are pretty inexpensive. There's also a snack bar there and picnic tables to bring your own, and they host a lot of children's parties if you're looking for something a little more athletic than Chuck E. Cheese." - Ginger W., Yelp

PARTYRVA DISCOUNT: Book with this link to receive $10 off the total birthday package for a kids party, AND receive a free pavilion rental on party packages #1 or #2, a $50 value.

Bogeys is one of the largest mini-golf courses in the country. Bogeys Sports Park, located 5 minutes West of Short Pump Town Center, gives kids a chance to play on one of the largest mini-golf courses in the country. Kids can also show off skills with a bat at Bogeys seven batting cages. Balls range in speed from a slow-pitch softball, to baseballs that can go from 35 to 80 miles an hour.

Birthday Party Idea: XZone

"What a fun place to go. The kids had a great time and I really made my son have a great birthday. For the first time. Pat-on-the-back-hero-mom saves the (birth)day." Eureka P., Facebook

PARTYRVA DISCOUNT: Book with this link to receive 10% off the per-person cost for parties of 10 or more kids. Safe spring-loaded guns can't pop a balloon. At XZone kids enjoy the outdoors with kid-friendly guns called the "JT Splatmaster," a paintball gun designed for kids ages 9 and up. The low-impact JT Splatmaster gun shoots color-filled ammo that is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, resists stains, and is easily washed away with water.

Planning a kids birthday party in Richmond, VA? Why not have the party come to your door. Transportation is easier as party guests don't have to be shuttled to and from your house to a party site - perfect for sleepovers.

We picked the following ideas based on their ability to host a memorable party and take care of the small details. They've left tons of positive testimonials - too many to list here.

Remember, each business offers an exclusive discount when mentioning PartyRVA at the time of booking!

Mobile Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Idea: Teeny Tiny Farm

PartyRVA DISCOUNT: Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking and receive $10 off the price of the party.

Teeny Tiny Farm's motto is "We Bring The Farm To You". At least 10 small farm animals come to every kids party, including a miniature horse, a miniature donkey, a miniature llama, a miniature cow, a miniature pig, sheep, goats, chickens and bunnies.

Book a mobile kids party with Teeny Tiny Farm by clicking here: Teeny Tiny Farm

Birthday Party Idea: Spa-Tacular Parties

PartyRVA DISCOUNT: Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking and receive a free party upgrade: add a frosting facial to any package, a $40 value.

Spa-Tacular Parties creates a spa in your own home and provides a pampered, special-treatment experience on a girl's birthday, for prom prep, or for Cotillion. The Mobile Spa Party is staffed by Cherie who has 16 years of experience in the cosmetic industry with Estee Lauder. Once a party is booked, Cherie comes to your house for a free consultation to choose fabric and other design options. With the information about the birthday girl's favorite themes, Cherie creates the boutique birthday party that the family wants.

Party Packages include: "All Things Spa-Tacular" with manicures, pedicures and makeup; "Spa-Tacular Spa Party" with frosting masks, and "Hollywood Spa Party" with glamorous makeup and red carpet hairstyles. Each party package includes the use of spa robes, plush towels and headbands, and appropriate magazines to browse. Add-ons include takeaways such as custom-made party flip-flops. Spa-Tacular Parties' staff can accommodate large groups.

Book a mobile kids party with Spa-Tacular Parties by clicking here: Spa-Tacular Parties

Birthday Party Idea: Princess Parties RVA

PartyRVA DISCOUNT: Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking to receive a 10% discount off of any princess party that is booked for at least 1 hour.

When Princess Parties RVA princesses are booked at public events, the attention draws an hour-long line to meet a princess. When princesses are booked at private parties, kids are ensured individualized attention without having to wait. Boys and girls love storytime. Princess Parties RVA's princesses include the Frozen Sisters (their most popular), Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and many more. Multiple princesses can be booked at once for a party.

Book a mobile kids party by clicking here: Princess Parties RVA

Birthday Party Idea: Ultimate Gaming Trailer

PartyRVA DISCOUNT: Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking and receive a 10% discount off the total package cost for parties booked Monday to Friday.

Like magic, this appears at your door With customized leather seating, LED lighting, four 55-inch hi-def TVs, surround sound, and its own AC and heat - Ultimate Gaming Trailer is a 30-foot trailer, making it the largest gaming trailer in Richmond. The truck is at 9 ½ ft wide and 9 ½ feet tall. Side panels open to allow supervision; games can be system-linked across every TV in the trailer; and HD antennas can broadcast games for tailgate parties for older kids. Ultimate Gaming Trailer has a relationship with Gamestop to ensure that guests have the latest options for Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. But perhaps the most impressive part is of course that, like magic, it simply appears at your door.

Book a mobile kids party with Ultimate Gaming Trailer by clicking here: Ultimate Gaming Trailer






Find out pricing and details for these and many more kids' party ideas on our KIDS page.

ABOUT PARTYRVA: We list little-known, local and unpredictable venues. We support innovative, small businesses and help people looking to plan unique events.

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