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The Team Does Aerial Yoga

By PartyRVA Staff

Trying out poses such as the Vampire, Spider-Man and our favorite, the Nutcracker at Fighting Gravity Fitness, our aerial yoga teambulding event!

The Team Does Aerial Yoga
The Team Does Aerial Yoga
The Team Does Aerial Yoga
The Team Does Aerial Yoga

It's yoga time!

For our February team outing, we wanted to find a way to beat the cold and even warm up... but, at the same time we wanted to just lie in a hammock.

We found the perfect compromise at Fighting Gravity Fitness' Anti-Gravity studio in the Fan, led by the studio's owner Audrey Bonafe.

After being consoled by the fact that the hammocks are designed to hold 1,000 pounds, we scampered in. Right away, Christian found out that tight jeans and aerial yoga do not go well together.

Audrey started with a few basic poses and quickly things got fun. As we went she asked us how challenging we wanted to be and walked around to help each of us get into positions we didn't know were humanly possible.

The practice is shown to release seretonin, endorphins and dopamine -- which are considered to be "the happy hormones." It's basically scientifically guaranteed to make us happy. Take it from Matt!

They also say that hanging upside down provides fresh blood flow to the capillaries in the face, which apparently enhances one's complexion.

We loved how the activity doubles as a healthful exercise. From Fighting Gravity Fitness's website: The unique combination of exercises is intended to decompress the spine and align the body from head to toe while stretching and strengthening one's muscles.


Don't wear tight jeans, or you might hear them rip like Christian did within the first minute.

District 5 is basically across the street, and they have a happy hour until 7pm with $3 drinks.

There are 9 hammocks but groups can alternate, so groups of up to 18 can be accommodated.

There are classes and private parties; private parties, which is what we did, involves the tucks, tricks and swings that are the most fun and incorporates them all in one hour.

For PartyRVA's write-up on Fighting Gravity Fitness, and for a discount on private parties, click here.


Thank you Audrey for an amazing time - some of us already have picked a date to come back for a class!

All pictures were taken by Richmond's own Connie McGowan, who runs Precise Events and Photography.

First published on 2016-02-20 8:48am, last updated on 2016-06-22 5:26pm

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