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Top Fun Activities To Do in Richmond, VA

By PartyRVA Staff

Looking for the best fun activities in Richmond, VA? PartyRVA staff have listed the best little-known ideas - that you'll only find here in Richmond, VA. Enjoy the discounts!

Taste 50+ Oils and Vinegars

"Best olive oils and balsamic vinegars ever. Love it, love it!" - Court B., Facebook


A foodie's delight, the Olive Oil Taproom offers unlimited free tastings of its olive oil varieties and its premium balsamic vinegars. Group events typically start with at least 10 guests and go up to 20 guests. The Olive Oil Taproom provides salads, appetizers, small tapas plates and two bottles of wine at... Read More

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Cook Together at a Cooking School

"Great place, great chef, great people, great food." - Alexa P., Yelp


Public cooking classes are 100% hands-on at Mise en Place Cooking School. Everyone leaves with new recipes, cooking techniques and increased confidence in the kitchen. Get a group together to do the Iron Chef challenge: teams cook mystery ingredients and then are judged on originality, taste... Read more

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Neighborhood Food Bike Tour

"This tour was very well done and the food was great! I highly recommend it for individuals, couples or groups" - Stacey, CHPN


Don a headset, grab a bike and go for a tour around Church Hill with Richmond Rides. Trips stop at local businesses for wine, cider and/or food tasting. Riders can also visit any number of Church Hill's food gems along the route including Metzger Bar, Roosevelt, Sub Rosa, Dutch and Company... Read more

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Unique Beer Tasting

"I'm a huge fan of this incredibly unique and totally awesome brewery. Strangeways has proven itself as a pretty darn cool place to grab a brew" -Jamie D.


Strangeways Brewing lives up to its credo: Think Strange. Drink Strange. The brewery boasts an ever-changing tap list of at least 25 beers at any time - all made in house and currently only available in Richmond. The names and flavors of their beers are as unique as the space itself. Guests can tour... Read More

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Private Wine Tastings with a Wine Expert

"No one can deliver a presentation of fine wines in the uniquely cheerful spirit, that Terricinia St Clair does! Her events are a must do, and you will definitely want to share the experience with your friends." - Charlotte H.


The Tipsy Sommelier offers 3 wine tour itineraries and fun, accessible introduction to wine tasting classes for groups looking to get a little tipsy. What's the real difference between a $5 wine and a $20+ wine? An introduction to... Read more

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Eat, Walk, Repeat - Neighborhood Walking Food Tour

"This was a great Saturday well spent!!! This tour included 5 stops... And they all were great!!" - Maria C., Yelp


With Real Richmond Food Tours, each tour takes guests on a two-and-a-half-hour walk through one of Richmond's colorful neighborhoods, stopping at several local eateries. Tours meet chefs or owners and get insider info about the restaurant scene. Private groups are available, and public tours leave... Read more

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Date Idea: Relax Together

"A real jewel of a spa. It was one of the best ever!" - Karen B.


Scents of Serenity occupies a building from 1918 decorated in a unique, eclectic shabby-chic with a modern flair designed to make guests feel at ease and at home. Scents of Serenity was voted #1 Best Day Spa by Virginia Living readers.

Bring a bottle of wine with you to really relax.

BOOK NOW: Click here to read more about Scents of Serenity.

First published on 2015-08-09 1:03pm, last updated on 2016-06-22 5:26pm

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