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Why We Love It

Ever try curling? No special footwear or equipment is required other than the "rocks" and brooms that the Curling Club of Virginia provides.

During a typical group event, US Curling Association-qualified Instructors train participants on the basics of curling off-ice, followed by on ice practice, before finishing with everyone playing a real game.

At a curling team building activity, groups with a brief presentation on the roles and positions, and may watch a few-minute introductory video explaining the sport. After a light stretching session, participants practice the mechanics of "throwing the rock" (the granite stone) toward the "house" (target of rings).

The Curling Club of Virginia is a non-profit club. In the past they have hosted corporate team building events from local Richmond corporations such as Carmax, Meadwest Vaco, Capital One and Austin Brokenbrough, as well as college clubs. The Curling Club loves to share the joy of curling.

Everyone will be curling champs in no time!

Group Logistics


Groups of 24 to 32 participants are ideal for all-at-one play.

Larger groups are easily accommodated through rotation.


The Virginia Curling Club recommends 2 hours for prep, practice and play - enough time to get excited and not be bored.

Ice Time

The Virginia Curling Club will work with groups to arrange scheduling ice time.

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"You hosted a large group (~50 people) of us for a curling event, and everyone had a great time. It was one of the most enjoyable and smoothest corporate outings I've ever been a part of, and we couldn't have been happier with the experience."


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