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Dashiell Portraiture Artist    

Why We Love It

Dashiell is a graphic artist living and working in Richmond VA. He does traditional-style portraiture in black and white for events and private parties. Aside from portraits he also does graphic novels, children's books, and illustrations.

Dashiell's portraits are more unique than caricatures, and are something people hang on their wall. Dashiell provides frames that people can immediately put their portraits in once they're finished.

Dashiell has made portraits at Richmond First Fridays, Virginia Pridefest and events at various galleries.

Group Logistics

Dashiell averages 10 portraits per hour; for a party of 30, Dashiell can create a custom portriat for each person in 3 hours.

Dashiell has two packages.

Host pays. If the host would like to provide portraiture for each person in the party, Dashiell is available for his hourly fee. The host can choose to purchase all the frames up front for guests.

Each person pays. For festivals and fairs, Dashiell can charge guests per portrait that he creates on a voluntary basis.

There is a minimum booking time of 1 hour. There is no max time.

There will be no transportation fee unless the event is over 40 minutes away, and the transportation fee

PartyRVA Discount

Send a message through PartyRVA to receive 10% off the cost of Dashiell's time or portraits.

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Private parties typically start at $200 for the first hour, with every subsequent hour being $100.

Events start at $20 per portrait with an additional price for the frame starting at $3.


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