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Why We Love It

Finding the Escape Room RVA is part of the fun. Located in the back of the Village Shopping Center on Three Chopt Road, participants have to go behind Martin's to find this hidden gem, Richmond Virginia's first and only Escape Room.

Down a dusky, dimly-lit hall hall await 3 difficult and innovative rooms. The Mind Trap Room, is Escape Room RVA's flagship escape room, where room occupants must open the good Doctor's safe to find the key to their salvation and solve the fiendishly clever puzzle he left behind, before the dinner bell chimes. While the Mind Trap Room is for adults looking for a "creepy" experience, their family-friendly Steampunk STEM Room takes occupants to the Victorian lab of Jules Verne, where players of all ages can enjoy non-creepy clever codes and ciphers. Their Seven Deadly Sins Room challenges occupants to experience each of the sins in a new and unique way, including Lust, Gluttony, Greed , Sloth, Wrath, Envy & Pride.

Once popular in Japan and China and now in most cities, escape rooms typically require groups to solve puzzles within 60 minutes - before something terrible happens.

The Escape Room RA has an area for private parties that can be catered and can be used for enjoying wine or non-alcoholic beverages after the event. We also love that the Escape Room RVA has partnered with Estilo restaurant, so participants can enjoy specialty cocktails and/or a meal, either before or after an event.

Group Logistics

Participants have anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the room. Players should arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of a scheduled time.

Tickets can be purchased online through Escape Room RVA's website for individuals and groups. Each game has a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for each session. For private group sessions, group organizers should select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room, and then the session will be under one person's name. Sessions are available for online bookings 3 months in advance, and those interested in a later booking should email Escape Room RVA for assistance.

The suggested age to play the game is 8 years old or more. An adult must accompany children under the age of 15. The games are difficult and created with the intent to stump players.

Rooms comfortably acccommodate 8 to 12 people, and up to 36 players can play at a time by playing in individual rooms at the same time. Escape Room can also customize an experience to accommodate larger teambuilding groups that includes drinks upstairs and rotating groups. Typically, a minimum of 5 players are required to play any game.


7001 Three Chopt Rd Suite 20
Richmond, VA 23226

[["37.590412", "-77.533345", "7001 Three Chopt Rd Suite 20", "", "Richmond", "VA", "23226", "(800) 282-3169", "", ""]]

PartyRVA Discount

Send an email through PartyRVA for a $5 per person discount.

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The cost is $25.00 per person for a basic public one hour experience. Using "PARTYRVA" as the promo code, the cost is $20.00 per person.

All-facility rental for large groups is possible. For all-facility rentals, Escape Room RVA should be contacted through the form for pricing and details.

Date Night Tip

Have a drink upstairs at Estilo or Toast, and/or dinner, before embarking on an adventure. "It's a way to experience one another competely differently" says Tina from Ravenchase, because this game is a visceral experience, and real personalities come out to play.


"I got to do the Mind Trap Room tonight and all I can say is... WOW! That was so much fun! I can't wait until the next room opens! You've gotta try it!" - Josh H., Facebook

"Taking you out of your living room and away from your TV and letting you experience the game first hand in real life!" - Jarrod R., Facebook

"Awesome concept, fun and challenging! Can't wait to try another room!" - Catherine K., Facebook

"Epic team building awesomeness. Definitely would do it again! The Mind Trap room had great puzzles and was really fun." - Emma M., Facebook

"Super engrossing -- time slipped by so quickly -- and the clues are very clever. Just when you think you're through...well, you'll see." - Alan D., Facebook

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