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Fighting Gravity Fitness    

Why We Love It

What do skirted monkeys, a seahorse, and a cowboy flip have in common? They are all moves done while suspended in the air. "Get out of bed and into a hammock" is one of the things you'll hear at this unique experience which involves flips, tucks and swings.

Fighting Gravity Fitness is the first Anti-Gravity studio in Virginia and opened in June 2014. It has been covered by Channel 6 New's in their segment on "Weird Workouts" in Richmond for combining gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil.

For parties such as bachelorette or birthday parties, Shyndigz the cakery is right next door for dessert and drinks right after their session.

A Fighting Gravity party is different from a typical fitness class in that it combines the most entertaining moves into a single session. After a warmup and stretch of the spine, participants get to experience inversions and flips. Every session ends with a total relaxation in the "cocoon".

There are many benefits to a Fighting Gravity party, including a sense of accomplishment, a decompression of the spine and alignment of the body. You get a good workout without even knowing you are working. Anti-Gravity's guarantee is that "You will leave each session Happier, Healthier and Taller" -- due to the fact that you gain a ¼" when you decompress the spine and put fluid back into the vertebral discs. Inversions also cause a rush of "Happy Hormones"!

Group Logistics

The studio room can be rented before or after the event.


A typical Fighting Gravity event takes 60 minutes. Sometimes events go over 60 minutes to allow people a chance to try everything.

Private events take place between regularly scheduled classes. On Sat. and Sun. they are available after 1:30 pm.


Class sizes are typically 8 people. There are 9 hammocks, one for the instructor and 8 for clients. It is possible for more than one person to share a hammock, but it is not ideal.


Not recommended for kids under age 10. Anyone with High or very low blood pressure, Glaucoma, Vertigo or pregnant, have recent surgeries should not do Anti-Gravity. Hammocks are designed to hold 1000 pounds.


1911 W. Cary Street
Richmond, VA

[["37.5476803", "-77.4657904", "1911 W. Cary Street", "", "Richmond", "VA", "", "", "", ""]]

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Private parties are $220.


"This place gets all five stars! Audrey is a very energetic, dedicated and wonderful fitness instructor/trainer. She offers a variety of classes that keeps you interested in working out everyday and I've attended most of them like the barre, Zumba, cardio, abs, yoga, anti gravity etc. I not only lost weight but also learned the correct and safe technique. She's the only one in town who offers Anti Gravity classes which is an excellent, unique exercise and a must try for everyone!" - Kareena S.

Anyone can do this! The hammock holds 1,000 pounds so no one has an excuse not to try it. The benefits from this class far excel other classes I have taken. Your spine opens and elongates and it feels AMAZING! You also have so much fun that it's hard to not be in a great mood for the rest of the day. - Angel Harris

5 stars! Hour's-worth of excitement, challenge, trusting self and FUN! Audrey is so good at what she does and helped me try new things I didn't think I could do. HIGHLY recommend! - Karen Graves

5 stars! Audrey is absolute amazing! We had a great time in class and are looking forward to going back! - Renee Walston Johnson


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