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Jesse Joyner has been performing professionally since 1996. The Richmond-based entertainer currently travels nationwide full-time and dazzles audiences with feats of juggling, balancing stunts, and unicycling. Jesse incorporates a danger, energy and audience participation in his shows. Jesse has developed unique tricks and prop-manipulation techniques that no other performer can do: for instance, he is one of the few people in the world who can juggle three running chainsaws!

Jesse is one of the few people in the world who have completed a marathon while juggling. A gold medalist juggler, he has performed for clients such as HBO, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch. His self-written "How to Juggle" techniques and lessons are widely used on YouTube and

Many people book Jesse because he is more than a juggling show - he also brings motivational messages with his show - talks that inspire people towards creativity and living out their dreams. His show appeals to kids and adults alike. Audiences go home with a memorable entertainment experience that will bring joy, laughter, and inspiration to try something new.

Group Logistics

Jesse Joyner the Juggler can be booked for either a circus arts workshop, a party show, a talk, or as an walk-around add-on to a party.

Circus Arts Workshop

A 60-minute circus arts workshop includes a demonstration and instruction in various circus art skills such as juggling, diabolo, balancing, balloon twisting, and performance techniques. Jesse brings enough materials for up to 50 participants. Minimum age is 6 years old and up. Space required for circus arts workshops is about 10 square feet per person and about 8 feet of height.

Birthday Party Show

A 60-minute birthday party show includes an act that combines comedy, juggling and a unicycle, as well as balloon twisting for each guest and a juggling-related gift for the birthday child. Recommended for all ages and any sized crowd.

Headliner Stage Show

A 45-minute headliner stage show includes comedy juggling, danger stunts, and audience participation.

Motivational Talk

A 45-minute motivational talk includes Jesse's perspective on creativity and living out your dreams, and includes juggling demonstrations as well as hands-on audience participation.

Juggling Performance As An Add-On

A walk-about juggler can be added to bring atmosphere to any event, and includes fire juggling, tall unicycle riding, and close-up interactive routines.

Custom-designed workshops, programs, and shows are also available.

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Juggling parties are $500 ($400 with PartyRVA discount) for most weekdays of the year, and for weekend dates when booked less than one month in advance. Performances are $2,000 ($1600 with PartyRVA discount) for weekend dates when booked more than a month in advance.

Travel costs apply for events booked outside of Central Virginia.


"He is definitely more than a juggler. His use of humor, storytelling and illusions had the kids and adults on the edge of their seats. I will definitely have Jesse come back again in the future!!!" - Scott R.

"Jesse helped make our daughter's 7th birthday party a huge success! He had the children on the edge of their seats during the juggling, had them laughing with his jokes, had them "oohing and aaahing" while juggling fire and ended the party by creating each child their own animal balloons!! And the parents had just as much fun. :)" - Belinda H.

"Jesse's program was one of the best, if not the best, program for kids we've done here." - Lane R.

"I'm not sure what is more impressive: juggling a bowling ball, juggling machetes, balancing a running vacuum on your head or keeping my one-year-old and four-year-old's wiggles at bay, minds entertained and bodies planted firmly on a 12 x 12 piece of carpet for forty minutes." - Whitney C.

"When I found Jesse Joyner, I thought we were hiring a juggler. But much to my surprise and pleasure, we got so much more than we anticipated! Jesse is a true all-around entertainer! His performance was suited perfectly for people of all ages and lifestyles. Not only did he juggle, but he through in some balancing acts, a unicycle stunt, and a comedic touch that had everyone laughing hysterically! " - Mandi K.

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