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JumpStarz' jump rope teambuilding program is a fun, innovative way to improve interpersonal relations and social interactions while helping the group achieve results, build confidence and accomplishing tasks. Participants will walk away with a sense of accomplishment and skills they can utilize for cardiovascular health.

JumpStarz is a mobile company located in central Virginia that teaches adults single, long and double dutch jump rope at birthday parties and events. Since 2012, JumpStarz has hosted parties and got people jumping for joy at events for Sportsbackers, the city of Petersburg, the YMCA and the city of Richmond.

Participants can learn long rope (2 people turn 1 long rope while 1 or more people jump in the middle) and double dutch (2 people turning 2 ropes simultaneously while 1 or more people jump in the middle.)

Teams learn over 10 techniques including entering, exiting, forward straddle, front cross, criss cross, partner jumping, one leg, mumble, pop ups, speed jumping and full turns.

Teams learn jump rope games that require team work, timing and coordination. After the skill session, groups have the option to compete against one another! They can show off their new skills in one of the following categories: Individual, Partner and Group. Jumpers are scored by JumpStarz staff as well as their peers on creativity, choreography and time. The winner from each category will receive a JumpStarz medal.

Additionally groups can play "Five, Four, Three, Twenty-One" - a counting game where jumpers must follow each other in the rope, jump a certain amount of jumps and then jump out. The last person standing will be named the "Company name Jump Star" and receive a trophy.

No experience is needed as JumpStarz' staff is patient and encouraging. JumpStarz staff includes experienced jumpers and natives of New York and New Jersey where double dutch is popular.

Once people learn the jump rope in a group, they fall in love with this fun way to be fit. Jumping rope improves cardiovascular health; 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to running a 10-minute mile.

Group Logistics

JumpStarz is mobile and comes to any location. Typically JumpStarz entertains adults for one hour.

Any age can participate starting at three years old. At least a 20" X 20" hard surface space is needed. Jumpstarz has cones to block off space in parking lots for safety.

JumpStarz can set up multiple jump rope stations for larger groups. JumpStars has also been at events where their jump rope stations are one of various activities provided.

JumpStarz provides 2-3 instructors with ropes at a typical party as well as music for jumping. They can play a clean version of fast-paced pop, r&b and/or gospel if requested.


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Teambuilding and corporate fun-days start at $160 for up to 15 people.


"They're all doing it. I think a lot of it is the enthusiasm that Patricia brings." - Naomi D.

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