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Why We Love It

Stir the Night works with a team of trained painters and models - together they dynamically come together to wow every guest. Models can be painted in popular solid colors such as gold and silver, in marbelized style or in a custom style to fit the party theme. In order to depict specific characters such as Greek, Roman or Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, custom props can be added such as wings and swords.

Ideas for events include themed events such as "An Italian Garden", 'Art Museum" and "Gods and Goddesses."

Stir the Night has been providing Living Statuary for special events in Richmond for 8 years and is the only company in Richmond that specializes in living statuary. Events that Stir the Night has performed in the past range from small private parties to larger galas such as the 2013 and 2014 American Heart Association Heart Ball, the McKinnon and Harris Grand Opening Reception and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Annual Fundraiser.

Group Logistics

Statutes can be on a pedestal or they can rove around the party. Stir the Night helps party planners with the choices available to them related to any party theme.

When a living statuary model comes to a party, he or she is painted head to toe wearing a matching costume. Each party booked includes a manager who makes sure everyone is in place on time, who manages breaks and hydration, who makes sure that people respond responsibly to the models.

There is a 2 hour minimum and a 5 hour maximum per model. For more dramatic effect, 2-3 models present at a time are recommended.

PartyRVA Discount

Send a message through PartyRVA to receive a $100 discount and free standard props when booking 3 or more characters for a minimum of 3 hours. Discount does not apply on certain holidays.

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Prices start at $385 per model for the first 2 hours. Additional hours are $50 per model after the first 2 hours.

There are no transportation fees for events within a 1 hour drive of Richmond.

Basic props can be added for $5-$10 each. Custom props made to suit the needs of the party are priced separately.

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