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Why We Love It

Teams gather around a table with a brightly colored game board at its center. Starting in the small modern-day town of Apache Junction, Arizona, each team must make its way to the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and stay there for as many days as possible mining gold.

Teams will choose one of three different routes to and from the mine – one is safe and secure while the other two are riskier. Resource cards provide them with limited but sufficient necessities such as basic supplies, fuel, batteries, tents and spare tires.

The journey takes 20 days; each day takes two minutes. Along the way, teams will encounter changes in weather and other variables that will force them to consider their resources and make appropriate decisions. They have to return to Apache Junction safely on day 20.

We know that people often mistake activity for productivity in the workplace so we created a program to help teams learn to work together more efficiently. Teams must work together to plan, gather resources and adapt to changing conditions in order to maximize results while learning the value of both healthy competition and real collaboration.

Group Logistics

The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is a fast-paced, high-energy board game played at tables in teams of six players. The number of people that are able to participate in the Lost Dutchman ranges between 18 and 300 people.

The game takes three to four hours to complete. Game play lasts for about two and a half hours and is followed by time spent debriefing and processing the experience.

The program is fully mobile and can take place in any large indoor space. The requirements for the program include one table and six chairs for every team, one AV projector and a few additional tables for use by the program staff.

PartyRVA Discount

Send an inquiry through PartyRVA to receive a 25% discount for government and non-profit groups, or a 20% discount for corporate groups.

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Lost Dutchman is $125 per person for corporate or business teams and $100 per person for non-profit or government teams, before applying the PartyRVA discount.


"What a blast! I will be recommending this to everyone in our company. It had everyone involved! I'm worn out but exhilarated!!!" - Victoria J., Altria


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