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Why We Love It

No Limits Skydiving is a tandem skydiving school with 2 locations in Virginia: West Point (a 45 minute drive from Richmond) and Victoria. Tandem skydiving offers participants a chance to jump from an airplane while strapped to certified instructors who have clocked thousands of successful jumps.

Since 2009, No Limits Skydiving has taken over 15,000 people on their first skydive with a 100% safety record. No Limits Skydiving specializes in first time skydivers. Their most junior instructor has at least 5,000 skydives; their staff have been hired by many major sporting events to perform at events such as at NASCAR races. The business is veteran-owned and the staff are ex-military.

When a first-time participant arrives, he or she is trained in basic skydiving techniques, including body position and parachute deployment. While on the plane, the Tandem Instructor attaches to the student. The instructor will handle everything during the jump, including the free fall and the parachute ride down - and may let the participant steer the parachute.

The usual altitude for a tandem sky dive is between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. The West Point location offers great views of the Yorktown, Rappahhanock, and Mattaponi Rivers, and a view of the Chesapeake Bay all while in free fall.

Group Logistics


Minimum participants: 1

Maximum participants: 40


There is plenty of free parking at both locations.


No Limits Skydiving is available every day of the week, from February 1st through December 10th.


The minimum age is 18.


The duration depends on the size of the group.

2 hours for a group of 4 people.

3 hours for a group of 10 people.

4 hours for a group of 16 people.


Camping and sleepovers are allowed at the Victoria location.


Pictures and videos can be made available by No Limits Skydiving from $50-$60 per person.

PartyRVA Discount

Send a message through PartyRVA to receive a $5/per person discount off the cost of the skydive, as well as $5/per person discount off for the cost of pics/videos.

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1-3 people: $220/pp. 4-5 people: $210/pp. 6-9 people: $200/pp. 10-20 people: $190/pp.


"These guys were amazing. My wife and I decided to go skydiving for our 1st aniversary. My wife is really scared of heights and was really nervous going into this. Her jump master was incredible at easing her nerves. He did a great job walking her through the process. My jump master was also great. All I can really say is the whole experience was something we will remember for ever. We had an amazing time and would recommend this to anyone who would like one he'll of a rush. We both had a blast." - Mike K., Yelp

"Joe was the best! My husband had the best time in his life - it was his 50th birthday present. Thank you Joe for making it his best day ever!!!" - Jackie Q., Facebook

"You guys did a great job at creating a memorable event for a father and daughter as a gift for my daughter's university graduation. This is a life time experience. Thank you for making that happen." -Aya-Steven C., Facebook

"I am still shaking from the excitement of jumping out of the airplane! The staff was very easy going and put any of my fears to ease almost immediately. I went for my 30th birthday with my sister and I have never had a more exhilarating feeling in my life then feeling of dropping 8000 feet in a full free fall. The scenery of west point made it even more special. We came in for a smooth landing and it was the perfect end to the experience. I would definitely suggest paying the extra 60 bucks for the video. It is in high quality and it allows me to relive the thrill of no limits until my wife allows me to go again. Thank you, you all are amazing." - Aaron F., Facebook

"Did it for my 18th bday. Changed my life. Everyone is so nice there. Best experience ever." - Maggie K., Facebook

"Awesome guys! Had a blast for my boyfriends birthday!! Definitely will be back! Thank you!!!!!!!!" - Aubrey C., Facebook

"Just do it!!! What an amazing experience!!!! Worth the drive for the great service!!! Thank you, Matt!!!!" - Kim D., Facebook

"Just made the jump today! Best experience, very friendly and extremely professional. Matt did an awesome job, and he's prior Navy. Jump with a vet!" - Blake S., Facebook

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