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Did you know that parrots have the same emotions as humans, and love to socialize? Parrots of Paradise offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hold these fascinating birds up close, and to bond with these beautiful birds that like to curl up with people and snuggle together.

Parrots of Paradise is a parrot rescue and rehabilitation facility located in Henrico, VA that has been operating since 2005. Their experts have 20 years of training with vet schools, breeders and other bird trainers around the country.

As of now Parrots of Paradise is the only mobile parrot party on the East Coast that brings the parrots out and lets people of all ages pet the birds and learn about them at a party. Parrots of Paradise brings 6 or more parrots including macaws, cockatoos and amazons. Guests get to hold and play with parrots while they ask questions.

Parrots of Paradise has been invited to appear at birthdays, weddings, schools, churches, corporate events, for boy and girl scout troops, and other private parties or occasions.

Group Logistics

Parrots of Paradise asks for a one hour minimum and can bring their parrots to an event for up to 6 hours.

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Send an inquiry through PartyRVA to save $10/hour with Parrots of Paradise.

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Parrot parties start at $130 per hour.


"Very friendly staff and parrots, lovely cause. Heartwarming!" - Caitlin O., Facebook

"We met the staff today at the Que Pasa festival in Shockoe Bottom and they are wonderful! So knowledgeable about each of the many birds they brought with them and their individual stories!" - Missy T., Facebook

"Great staff with beautiful birds! Learned a lot from them!" - Maria W., Facebook

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