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Why We Love It

Ravenchase is an adventure race for the spirited intellectual. Clues are poetry posing as puzzles that need to be unraveled. Participants figure out where to go and determine what they have to solve at each destination. Fabulously tacky prizes are awarded to the top three teams as determined by the number of puzzles correctly completed.

What makes a scavenger hunt so delightfully unique is that Ravenchase will work with groups to create clues that are customized to a special person's life or interests, including inside jokes.

Ravenchase has created custom events for 30th birthdays, fundraisers, and “just because" - such as an illuminati adventure in New York City's East Village for a group that “just wanted to play." They have also hosted events for prominent sports players such CC Sebathia and Drew Brees.

The adventure company, founded in Richmond's Fan district, was created in 2004 in Richmond by Josh Czarda, who was named by Style Weekly as one of Richmond's “Top 40 under 40."

Group Logistics

A typical three-hour event includes two hours of game time with time to present rules and instructions at the beginning of the game and scoring and prizes at the end. Games can be held at any time of the day or night. Clients can choose an area of Richmond such as downtown, Carytown, the Fan, or the Museum District. Many clients end in a happy-hour location to celebrate after the event.

Events are rain or shine as weather becomes “white noise" when the adventure begins. There is no minimum or maximum group size required to play. For parties in Richmond, less than a two-week window is possible to plan a custom event, although a longer lead time is optimum. Parties that take place anywhere in the world require a longer time to plan.

Additional add-ons include actors and extra gadgets such as black lights, codexes, compasses and cipher wheels for solving advanced puzzles.

PartyRVA Discount

Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking an event to receive an extra gadget add-on to the event. Extra gadget value is up to $100.

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Packages start at $500 for a three-hour event in Richmond.


"Our competitive spirit kicked in right away. The clues were a fun challenge. Well organized and fun" - Michelle K.,Yelp

"I love Ravenchase Adventures. If you like the show the amazing race, you'll love them too. Both a physical and mental challenge. Ravenchase prints up awesome maps & clues, gives you a T-shirt, and ends with a party." - Alison M., Yelp

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