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Real Escape Room Richmond    

Why We Love It

Insane computers, laser obstacle courses, ticking bombs… with such diabolical challenges, Real Escape Room participants have said that it's like being in an Indiana Jones film where they get to be the main character.

Real Escape Room Richmond is River City's newest attraction since the winter 2015. Up to 10 players enter a room, and 60 minutes start clicking down on the clock. In that time players must overcome an extraordinary challenge - for example, learn to defuse a bomb, steal a priceless piece of art or contain a zombie plague.

Real Escape Room Richmond's founder Larry Volz is a world champion puzzle-master and magician who has appeared on television with Penn & Teller, and brings 25 years of experience in puzzling to this Richmond attraction. He now brings his sense of humor, creativity and theatrical magic into themed rooms that challenge players' imagination and creative problem-solving.

In order to solve the room's challenges, Real Escape Room calls for everyone to contribute -- or no one will get out.

Group Logistics


10 people per room. Real Escape Room Richmond has two rooms at a time, so 20 people can come through per hour.

Starting Jan 8 2015, 3 rooms will be available for a capacity of 30 people per hour. Starting March 1 2015, 4 rooms will be available for a capacity of 40 people per hour. Private Room

Real Escape Room Richmond has a multi-purpose room for birthday parties and private groups. For their "Escape the Cake" package, the cake and presents can be locked up and players have to figure out how to unlock them.


Each round is one hour. There are set start and end times. If the Real Escape Room is booked for a special event or if Real Escape Room comes to your location, timing is variable.


Real Escape Room is recommended for kids aged 12 and older. Children younger than 14 years old need to have one adult per child with them, or buy out the room.


Real Escape Room Richmond can be mobile and can come to any location. Customized events can fit with a large number of creative themes, such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery, action thriller, spy and horror.

Teambuilding Seminars

Larry Volz can teach principles and techniques of communication and creative problem-solving for corporate groups. Real Escape Room Richmond can video, analyze and give feedback on how to improve a team's ability to work together and achieve more in the future.


9840 Midlothian Turnpike Suite W
Richmond, VA 23235

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Date Night Tip

It's a fantastic date night surprise especially for a couple that enjoys adventurous films, books or video games.


Brain teasing, riddle solving, fun filled way to exercise your mind and meet new people or have fun with old friends while using teamwork to ESCAPE!!!! SUCH a great time! - Brittany H., Facebook

The best fun I have had in a long time, with a group I had only just met and my daughter Sarah. Really great collaborative puzzle solving game. I will be back for more! Charles H., Facebook

Patient zero was super fun! I loved doing it and hope to be able to do Boom Soon!!! (P.S. I am the rainbow haired kid from team Darwin) - Sarah H., Facebook

Very entertaining! It was just challenging enough to be really engaging and fun, but not so much that it became frustrating. It's also a great way to get to meet new people or to do something that allows you to bond with others you already know. I would highly recommend this for families, work-outings, and individuals looking for a fun time. That should basically cover everyone, right? - Alison B., Facebook

This was so fun! It kept a couple of kids, a couple of teenagers and three adults entertained and totally absorbed for an hour. Challenging but not impossible. Creative, well thought out, great props. Great team building activity. I'd do it again....lots of fun! - Dawn L., Facebook


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