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Richmond Archery Tag    

Why We Love It

Richmond Archery Tag is an action-packed game that fuses dodgeball, paintball and tag, utilizing carbon fiber bows and foam tipped safe arrows.

Since the game is mobile, there are no limitations for where groups can play. Richmond Archery Tag, which began operations in the Spring of 2014, has worked with middle and high school groups, corporate teams and family/friend gatherings.

Archery Tag has many options, but basic play is 4 on 4, no division line, and participants tag the opposing team members until they are all out. Variations include:

  • Fugitive - up to 32 fugitives evade up to 8 armed "marshals" with bows and arrows.
  • Hunger Games - up to 8 individuals play against each other.
  • Protect the Castle - up to 4 individuals play inside 5 bunkers protecting the castle, while up to 4 individuals play outside trying to defeat castle defenders.
  • Capture the Flag - up to 4 defenders protect a flag, while up to 4 thieves attempt to steal it.
  • Gauntlet - up to 8 armed archers shoot at one individual at a time as he or she runs past.

Archery tag promotes exercise, strategy, and tactics. Since all equipment is equal, success is based on your decisions and maneuvers. The arrows leave no marks on walls, so play can take place indoors. The game is safe and clean, and yet fun and intense.

Group Logistics


Typically parties host between 6 and 40 people.


Minimum age is typically 10 years old.


Each round is typically 5-7 minutes each. Minimum game rental is 1 hour.


Richmond Archery Tag typically needs 2-3 weeks to plan an event, but can be played indoors at the Ozone in Ashland and/or your indoor/outdoor location.

What Does It Include?

Inflatable bunkers, attendant, archery training, safety masks and googles, 8 bows, multiple arrows

What Doesn't It Include?

Transportation costs outside of the metro-Richmond area. (Ozone rental costs?)

Richmond Archery Tag is available all days of the week, but typically is not available on Holidays.

Ozone may be able to arrange sleepover capabilities.

PartyRVA Discount

PartyRVA discount: Send a message through PartyRVA to receive a $25 total discount off any event.

Add This To Your List


$150/hour for groups of less than 20 participants.

There is a $25/hour surcharge for groups of more than 20 participants.

There is a $25+/hour surcharge for events outside Metro-Richmond.

Team-building pricing for special events can be varied. Send a message through PartyRVA to arrange a needs analysis.


This experience was one of the best birthday parties I've ever had for my son, and we've pretty much tried everything! Richmond Archery Tag had the kids attention the entire time and everyone had an absolute blast!! All we had to do was show up and they did the rest!! We had approx. 10-12 boys between the ages of 10-13. It was so fun that I would love to have an adult party!! The kids especially enjoyed glow in the dark archery tag!! You can choose the location, or have Richmond Archery Tag select a location for you. I brought the pizza & cupcakes. I will definitely be using them again for more parties in the future!!

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