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Why We Love It

Bubble Soccer, popular overseas, has arrived in Richmond! Richmond Bubble Soccer calls it “The Greatest Sport Ever Played." Two teams of five people bash, jump, boing and roll around the field trying to be the winning team. While it is a sport, players get caught up in the silliness and fun – and sometimes forget the ball.

Richmond Bubble Soccer uses the highest quality bubbles made of state-of-the-art, one-millimeter TPU with nylon strings on the inside for support. Safety is a priority to Richmond Bubble Soccer. They have yet to experience any injuries, except for a bump to the knee.

Richmond Bubble Soccer has several optional add-ons, such as professional photos or video taken at your event, an electronic scoreboard, and music provided by a Beats by Dre outdoor speaker.

Ultimate soccer fans can, upon request, receive tickets to see the Richmond Kickers and play bubble soccer during halftime.

Group Logistics

What's Included

Richmond Bubble Soccer provides everything needed for a "Bubble Party": soccer balls, goals, field markers, a referee and support staff. The whistle-bearing staff organizes the game play by helping people into bubbles, dividing teams and keeping score.


Hosts can choose among the following add-ons: photos taken at the party, a video made of the party, an electronic scorecard, music, bubble soccer t-shirts, and even a hype man at the party.


Richmond Bubble Soccer can come to any location rain or shine such as large backyards, public parks or indoor basketball courts.

Hosts provide the location.

Typical locations in Richmond include Sports Center of Richmond, the Richmond Volleyball Club, one of Henrico's parks, OZone in Ashland, Sports Realty in Mechanicsville, River City Sportsplex in Midlothian, Own Touch Soccer/Futsal in Midlothian, XL Sportsworld in Midlothian, or one of Chesterfield's parks.


PartyRVA Discount

Use the Promo Code PARTYRVA to receive an additional 15 minutes of play - valued at minimum $75!


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$299.99 / 1 Hour / Up to 20 players.

$349.99/ 1 Hour / Up to 21-40 players.

$399.99/ 1 Hour / for 41+ players.

Set-up and break down happen outside the 60 minutes.

If living outside of the Richmond area, a travel fee will be assessed depending on your location.


"We had a BLAST with Richmond Bubble Soccer!" - Tamara M.

"Thank you to Richmond Bubble Soccer, we had a great time!!!" - Cheryl T.

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