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Why We Love It

River City Wood Fire can help you turn your special event into a worry-free experience that will give your guests something to talk about. River City Wood Fire's mission is to create lasting memories amongst friends enjoying great food through their mobile wood fired catering. They are committed to bringing guests a unique experience that will feed the heart, soul and stomach.

Group Logistics

River City Wood Fire is available to cater weddings, dinner rehearsals, graduations, neighborhood parties, or any other type of gathering.

Catering service is typically completed within two-hours; extra service time is available.

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"Great pizza is all about balance, and River City hits ALL the right notes! The crust was perfectly crisp, buttery and had just the right amount of chew and smoky char. The sauce was zesty, bright and perfectly flavoured. The fresh mozzarella was deliciously creamy and lactic! And the toppings? Superb! Great quality, top notch ingredients!" - Randy B., Facebook

"Oh my Glob! The perfect balance of sweet and savory with a kick of heat.
Joe was superb. He took the time to speak with us about how he got into the business and its future. The prices are reasonable for the size and quality of pizza you receive" - Sarah E., Facebook

"Best pizza ever!!! They came out to my work today and the "Southside" pizza had me wanting more." - Jenny Z., Facebook

"Man you guys rock! The food and vibe is amazing. So professional and totally reliable. I can't thank you enough for such amazing food and amazing service. You guys are a true gem!" - Traci C., Facebook


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