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Why We Love It

Deborah Fellman is a master ballooner. Adults and kids alike love seeing Deborah's cool creations come to life. Guests at the party get something that is both tangible and ephemeral - the magic comes from both of these qualities.

Deborah's kids' parties start with a surprise balloon sculpture that she brings to the party, which will start the party with a "wow". Her creations are adapted to any party theme and have included favorite characters, life-size princesses and creative robots. During the party, Deborah will make balloons for each participant based on the party theme and on their requests. Deborah has a great feel for suggesting balloons and loves surprising guests with balloons that are "perfectly right" for their personality.

Several add-ons are available such as adding glitter tattoos, teaching kids to twist their own balloons and adding balloon decor such as arches, columns or decorations.

Deborah is the balloon twister for Illuminate and was taught as an instructor at Balloon and Magic Mania. She won first place for her small sculpture headband at the "Twisticology Invitational" outside New York City. Deborah has been part of teams to make incredibly large balloon sculptures such Balloon Manor with over 50,000 balloons and reaching five stories tall (weighing 400 pounds before being inflated) and life-size dinosaurs for the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Group Logistics

Deborah will send a questionnaire to each client to learn about the party theme and the birthday child's hobbies and interests. She puts attention to important details such as who the siblings are to make sure that they get something special to feel included in the party.

Children can get balloons on their heads or on their wrists, which prevent them from dropping or losing them.

Typical parties feature Deborah for 90 minutes and for up to 20 guests. If the party is for a birthday, Deborah will include a "birthday cake" made out of balloons with balloon candles and their age spelled on top of the cake in balloons.

The guest of honor at any party receives an extra large customized balloon to match their favorite cartoon or hobby, or the party's theme. Glitter Tattoos can be added on and partygoers can choose from hundreds of glitter designs.

RVA Balloons' regular service areas includes Tidewater, Central and Northern Virginia, but Deborah does travel out of state.

PartyRVA Discount

Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking a kids party to receive an additional 30 minutes of time with Deborah at the party.

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Parties start at $150 for 90 minutes and additional 15-minute increments can be booked for $25 each. For parties of more than 20 guests, Deborah recommends adding on 15 minutes for each five additional guests to make sure that everyone gets a balloon.

There is a $30 transportation fee for parties that are well outside the Richmond metropolitan area.


"AWESOMENESS!!!!!!" - Laura J.

"So fun!" - Nancy T.

"I'm always so amazed at what creations Deb can make with balloons. She's always up for a challenge and her work is not just balloons - they are artwork!" - Stephanie F.

"Deborah goes far beyond the basics: she creates masterpieces." - Kelly E.

"I thought I had done balloons before, but then you came along and totally changed my mind about what a balloon could be!" Julie G.

"This is insane!!! I can only imagine the amount of detailed planning it takes before you even show up!" - Sara R.

"You're amazing and the kids loved it! You are definitely the most gifted balloon artist I've ever seen! We so appreciated you making Betsy's birthday party awesome, and you were very kind to stay until you had made a balloon creation for every child, even the latecomers!" - Katie M.

"Your balloons are FANTASTIC!" - Erin B.

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