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Why We Love It

Release, Engage, Empower. "Conflict" may include daily challenges, large crises, or unresolved past experiences. It is impossible to escape, but not everyone handles it will.

Sarete is a program of interactive practices, helping participants be better in conflict through the benefits of Aikido. Activities include vanquishing ninjas with foam noodles to explore how to face daily stress and challenges as opportunities, instead of a matter of survival.

Employees learn how how their interactions and nonverbal expressions can, in moments of potential conflict, be a resource for relaxation and empowerment. Interactive exercises that work on breathing, posture and movement reveal what happens when energy is directed towards possibility instead of opposition.

The facilitator Jeff Dowdy has seen a dramatic change among students at Thomas Jefferson high school where he taught conflict resolution. Sarete is a 501(c)3 nonprofit to ensure that everyone has access to practice as a resource for growth, renewal, and lasting change.

Group Logistics


2-hour workshop - Groups discover best practices through interactive exercises, and discuss applications to current goals for the group. Customized topics will focus on themes such as "Getting Out of Stuck" and "Changing Your Relationship with Conflict."

Three 1-hour sessions: Practice, apply, return - Skills such as nonverbal communication and collaborative problem solving build on themselves as employees or managers come back to the Aikido practices. Online materials will be provided to keep the practice going between sessions.

Longer workshops - With a longer workshop, participants will explore who they become when they face challenges and crisis. The group will look at how their strengths, their connections, and their capacity for collaboration can change the dynamic of conflict.


45 minutes to day-long workshops


As few as XX and as many as XX can participate


Sarete will come to any location. What is needed is enough space to freely move around. Typically facilitators will come to the business' space.



Richmond, VA

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PartyRVA Discount

Send a message through PartyRVA to receive 25% bonus time. Sarete will use that time to additional practices to a specific opportunity that the team is pursuing.

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Prices start at $40 per person.


"I felt a sense of empowerment. I did not feel bigger or better, but I did feel great about myself. It was a great non-verbal communication tool." - Michelle Gonzales, VCU

"For me personally, it has really helped me become more assertive without being overbearing. I have noticed that I have become increasingly more adaptable to situations that I dislike or feel anxious in." - Christine Brannon, VCU School of Music

"I felt less invisible," "I felt like people saw me as less threatening," "I felt more like I could go with the flow." -Residents, Richmond City Justice Center

"When I'm upset I take a minute to breathe."- Student, Henrico High

"I appreciate that through self cultivation, one can achieve respect and reduce conflict." - August Thomas

"I don't know if this sounds weird, but I felt like the ground was shaking beneath me and I realized that I had always thought my power came from the ability to strike. I just realized that my power can come from my resolve and my resilience." - Resident, Richmond City Justice Center


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