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Why We Love It

Shifting Gears is about shifting perceptions teams have about themselves, others and what everyone is capable of at work and in life. A key part of the discussion in Shifting Gears is the fact that people live much of their lives unconsciously. Through the activities, the program brings a new level of consciousness to the way participants behave, communicate and solve problems.

Each program is custom designed based on the learning objectives of the group. With more than 200 different activities at their disposal, professional facilitators will choose the activities that best meet your outcomes. These learning objectives can include realizing human potential, embracing change, clear and concise communication, collaboration, supporting team members and proactive problem solving, among others.

Teams are not static, but are broken down and re-created after each activity to ensure that everyone in the office is integrated and to help build relationships. In some activities an entire office of up to 200 people can participate on the same team.

The Shifting Gears program teaches by doing. The program focuses on all three critical components of team building: relationships, teamwork and leadership. The program illustrates to teams that some tasks cannot be accomplished by one person and are destined to fail without teamwork.

Group Logistics

Shifting Gears is portable and can be delivered at any location. Signature Teambuilding requires approximately 50 square feet per person of clear, open space.

A minimum of 10 people are needed to participate and as many as 200 people may participate. There is a minimum charge for 10 people.

PartyRVA Discount

Send an inquiry through PartyRVA to receive a 25% discount for government and non-profit groups, or a 20% discount for corporate groups.

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Shifting Gears is $125 per person for corporate or business teams and $100 per person for non-profit or government teams, before applying the PartyRVA discount.


"The team loved the program particularly how it brought all of us together through very interactive & thoughtful exercises. There was never a dull moment during the entire 3 hour session, which is a great testatement to Greg's ability to read and engage his audience." - Rahul D., Capital One Financial

"Super – as usual. Thanks for the energy! Very effective! We will definitely use Signature Teambuilding for future projects." - Genworth Financial

"What a blast! I will be recommending this to everyone in our company. It had everyone involved! I'm worn out but exhilarated!!!" - Victoria J., Altria


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