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Why We Love It

Have you tried Glow-ga at Shockoe Slip Yoga? Flow in the dark with blacklight and glow-in-the-dark armbands - and add glow-in-the-dark body paint for an extra special fun touch.

Glowga is practiced in near darkness which allows for a heightened awareness of the senses. As the body moves with the music, the external stimuli of light and sound create an ambiance that enhances the internal experience.

Participants can bring glow in the dark clothes and body paint and then socialize in Shockoe Slip Yoga's boutique lounge.

Shockoe Slip Yoga offers more than 5 unique yoga party ideas such as glow-ga parties, wine-chocolate tasting parties and even outdoor yoga camping experiences. But any theme you can think of can be combined with a session of regular or glow-in-the-dark yoga. Past events have included adult birthdays, ladies night out, black Valentine's day Yoga, Halloween Black Light Yoga, bachelorette yoga classes, and winter/summer solstice celebrations.

Glow for it!

Group Logistics


As few as 5 participants, and as many as 28 participants at one time.

Total yoga studio space is about 1700 square feet. The practice room is 800 square feet and the soiree area about 900 square feet. Up to 40 people can be in the soiree area, cocktail style.

What's Included:

Glow bands.

Space for socializing before or after.

Body paint can be provided upon request.

Party Ideas:

Outdoor Yoga Camping Party

Experience yoga in open field. Bathrooms, shower, grill and fire pit available and participants are welcome to bring food for grilling. The cost for camping and yoga classes is $55.00

Skydiving Yoga Retreat

Yes, you read it right... yoga meets skydiving! Hope to see you all on your mat and under the parachute! Participants will arrive at the drop zone/camp site 45 minutes from Richmond on a Saturday afternoon. The all inclusive price for two yoga sessions, a jump per person and an overnight at a campground is $225.00 per person, which includes pictures or video of your jump.

Mini Spa Yoga Party

A rejuvenating group experience that combines detoxifying yoga, essential oils, relaxing hand reflexology, and healthy shakes. In this 2 hour mini retreat, Participants will learn how to detoxify a system, try and take home detoxifying shake recipes.


Glowga is glow in the dark all-level vinyasa flow illuminated only by black and neon lights. We'll flow in a journey of letting go as we move to discover our radiant glowing selves. Don't forget to wear clothes (and accessories) that glow in the dark.

Candlelight Slow Flow

A gently heated, 90 minute Slow Flow class with candlelight, warmth, and soulful music. This group experience is a great birthday gift, to treat yourself to a slower paced vinyasa style practice. It is designed to allow you the time to open, soften, and deeply breathe and settle into your pose. This meditative experience that will leave you feeling connected, centered, and restored. Open to all levels.

Yoga, Wine & Chocolate

Pick any style of yoga to practice with your friends. As you leave the room, you and your guests will be greeted with a spread of boutique wine and chocolates for a social session. The yoga session is typically a 75 minute session of any of of the different styles of yoga, vinyasa, hatha, slow flow, glowga, bhakti, and power yoga.


1307-A East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

[["37.5350524", "-77.4335985", "1307-A East Cary Street", "", "Richmond", "VA", "23219", "(804) 343-2010", "", ""]]

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Pricing starts at $20 per person.


"I have experienced and heard nothing but great things from this place!! Amazing instructors and Rose is the best!! Yin Yoga is my fave! One of the best things you can do for yourself!" - Amy Q., Facebook

"My favorite place to do yoga in RVA." - Elaine O., Facebook

"Every instructor and class is unique. Worth every penny." - Angie A., Facebook

"For my birthday, I was looking to host my very best friends, but didn't want a traditional birthday celebration. I wanted to treat my friends (and me) to an experience where we would come out better than we went in, which is not always the case when drinking and eating are at the center of a celebration. I hosted a yoga birthday party at Shockoe Slip Yoga and invited 20 of my closest and
most cherished friends and family from all fitness levels. We participated in a restorative yoga class, which is extremely restful and calming. Every person who attended made a point to thank me for facilitating the time to unplug and relax. This
is not your typical response when you throw a party! Planning an event at Shockoe Slip Yoga studio was effortless. Rose was a delight to work with and extremely accommodating. My friends were impressed, the planning was simple, and everyone had a completely unique experience. We call came out better than we went in." - Shannon Siriano


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