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Why We Love It

Signature Teambuilding is a local Richmond, VA business that has worked with private enterprise and government, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to create transformative experience for their teams.

Companies choose Signature Teambuilding because they want to develop their human capital.

Greg Huber, who has been delivering teambuilding programs for 25 years, believes that the best teambuilding programs should be more than a fun or memorable experience. Signature Teambuilding's programs go beyond "team bonding" and provide "team development." Signature Teambuilding's customized and connected suite of programs offer specific outputs such as building trust, communication and teamwork.

Each program is designed on a specific framework that leads to certain known outcomes. Through a thorough needs assessment, programs are then customized to accommodate timeframes, location and space requirements, number of participants, and how the program will connect to ongoing development objectives. Through it all, the experiences are guaranteed to be engaging, thought-provoking and inclusive - but expect to have a lot of fun as well.

Group Logistics

There are four adventures to choose from. For details, click on each one.



Teams engineer a system for transporting brightly colored liquids from a central starting point to any of the 12 depository locations. But just when a team has gained momentum in mastering the task – ding! – WaterWorx changes up the game to push participants out of their comfort zones and into new ways of thinking and interacting with one another.

WaterWorx takes on what is nearly always the biggest challenge in any organization – communication.

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Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine


Starting in the small modern-day town of Apache Junction, Arizona, each team must make its way to the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and stay there for as many days as possible mining gold. But the larger lesson is one of cooperation, not competition, among teams. When a company acts as a single team, everyone cooperates.

Teams must work together to plan, gather resources and adapt to changing conditions in order to maximize results while learning the value of both healthy competition and real collaboration.

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Shifting Gears


Shifting gears is a customized series of connected problem-solving activities that requires teams to use all their talent, creativity and unique capabilities to succeed. The activities are 100% inclusive and teams are broken down and re-created after each activity to ensure that everyone in the office is integrated.

Through the activities, the program brings a new level of consciousness to the way participants behave, communicate and solve problems together.

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TeamQuest Ropes Course


TeamQuest is the most challenging program Signature Teambuilding offers. Teams improve how they work together through four to eight different aerial challenges. Participants must learn through each experience as a team and apply their learning to the next challenge.

TeamQuest incorporates facilitated debriefs to ensure the learning transfers back to work.

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PartyRVA Discount

Send an inquiry through PartyRVA to receive a 25% discount for government and non-profit groups, or a 20% discount for corporate groups.

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Each program is $125 per person before applying the PartyRVA discount.


"My number one positive feedback piece is how flexible you and your facilitators are. I came in to the event with one thing in mind, and when it became clear that one team wouldn't be able to get the most out of it, you quickly came up with a solution that worked for everyone. Both teams left that day with what they needed to get out of the program, and that makes me a happy coach (and a happy customer)." - Dave C.

"The team loved the program particularly how it brought all of us together through very interactive & thoughtful exercises. There was never a dull moment during the entire 3 hour session, which is a great testatement to Greg's ability to read and engage his audience. The team is probably already thinking about doing the next stage/ level of this program, something we should tentatively pencil in for 1H 2014." - Rahul D.


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