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Why We Love It

Silverbolt is a state of the art mechanical robot that can walk, talk, shake hands and even dance. His eyes glow and mouth moves when he talks and his chest shield opens to reveal his electrifying heart.

The legend of Silverbolt: Silverbolt is a brave Autobot. Who else would command the Aerialbots despite his fear of heights? He cares more for his friends than himself and as a true believer in the Autobot cause. He would gladly sacrifice himself to protect them. Back before the transformer war, Silverbolt loved watching police procedural and forensic video fiction.

Group Logistics

Silverbolt specializes in meet-and-greets, birthday parties, schools and carnivals and special events. Silverbolt serves Midlothian, Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

PartyRVA Discount

Email through our site to get a 10% discount off the cost of Silverbolt the Autobot at a private party booking!

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Silverbolt is $225 for 45 minutes.

There are no travel fees for any events within 15 miles from Richmond metro.

Contact Silverbolt the Transformer for pricing for longer events and meet-and-greets.



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