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Why We Love It

Strangeways Brewing lives up to its credo: Think Strange. Drink Strange. The names and flavors of their beers, which are all made in-house, are as unique as the space itself. Guests can sip on beers named “Wake Me Up Before You Gose," “Woodbooger," “Albino Monkey" and “Phantasmic" in three intriguing party spaces: the main event room, the spacious backroom where the beers are brewed, and an outdoor lot where tables can be set up and food trucks can be invited.

Strangeways has been named by Bon Appetit magazine as one of its "Ten New U.S. Breweries to Watch." Strangeways' claim to fame is its sour beers that are currently found only in Richmond. Their offerings are particularly intriguing to the discerning beer connoisseur as well as curious beer drinkers looking to try something sweet, sour, light, hoppy or dark. This is a great place for people who think they “don't like beer" – Strangeways accepts the challenge wholeheartedly and will embark them on a tasting adventure.

Group Logistics

The backroom is available for private party reservations for groups with 30 or more people. With backroom reservations, Strangeways provides a bartender for the group. A jukebox and arcade machines with South Park pinball and Carn-Evil shooting can be “opened up" so that guests do not have to pay to play.

Teambuilding events are built around what teams are looking for. Brewery tours, available after 4 p.m. on weekdays and after 12 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, go through the brewery space and the beer-making process. Beer-tasting can be built around the group's tastes, from their year-round flagship series to seasonal favorites. Their knowledgeable staff can recommend pitchers or flights and can explain each beer.

For groups that do not rent out the back room, their event can be held in the front room with the public and they can request that the staff be available for a beer tour or tasting. Different budgets can be accommodated through purchasing a set number of beers per person through an agreed upon tab. Cards Against Humanity is always available as an activity and the winner can receive a prize.


2277A Dabney Rd
Richmond, Virginia 23230

[["37.586449", "-77.483172", "2277A Dabney Rd", "", "Richmond", "Virginia", "23230", "(804) 303-4336", "", ""]]

PartyRVA Discount

Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking the backroom for a private event to receive an additional 30 minutes of private event time for a rental. The additional time can not extend past regular business hours.

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Strangeways works with groups with any budget. Groups that are not reserving a room only pay for the beer consumed. Hourly private event reservations for the backroom start at $100 not including beer or tips.


"We LOVE Strangeways Brewing!" - Denise P.

"Super friendly staff, yummy brews, gaming in the back was soooo fun and then the girls brought us corn hole to play in the brewery ~ which pretty much solidified my approval of this place. Highly recommend!" - Tammara M.

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