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Why We Love It

WaterWorx takes on what is nearly always the biggest challenge in any organization – communication. During WaterWorx, team members communicate intensely and collaboratively. Just when a team has gained momentum in mastering the task – ding! – WaterWorx changes up the game to push participants out of their comfort zones and into new ways of thinking and interacting with one another.

A debriefing session after WaterWorx breaks down how the teams communicated, points out what types of interplay worked best and identifies challenges that can be worked on back in the office.

Teams of five to six people work around a table and are asked to engineer a system for transporting brightly colored liquids from a central starting point to any of the 12 depository locations. The teams will be given adequate resources for completing the task including pens and sketch pads, clear tubing, speed-fit valves, union Ts, male and female connectors, electric pumps and gaskets. Successful teams will use a thoughtful mix of the items to transport the liquids to their final destination during this timed event.

WaterWorx challenges participants to actively and skillfully create a concept for a fluid delivery system and then apply that concept to a real world situation. It's much like the critical thinking that goes on in businesses and organizations every day.

Group Logistics

The program is fully mobile and can take place in any large indoor space. The requirements for the program include two tables and seven chairs for every team.

Teams are comprised of 7 people per team and we can work with up to 15 teams at a time. There is a minimum of 3 teams, for a minimum of 21 people.

The activity takes three to four hours to complete. Game play lasts for about two and a half hours and is followed by facilitated debriefing and processing of the experience.

PartyRVA Discount

Send an inquiry through PartyRVA to receive a 25% discount for government and non-profit groups, or a 20% discount for corporate groups.

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WaterWorx is $125 per person for corporate or business teams and $100 per person for non-profit or government teams, before applying the PartyRVA discount.


"What a blast! I will be recommending this to everyone in our company. It had everyone involved! I'm worn out but exhilarated!!!" - Victoria J., Altria


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