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Why We Love It

Participants can play out their favorite action movie scene at XZone of Chesterfield as they dodge enemy fire with their paintball markers blazing. If you think you know what paintball entails, think again. XZone provides the largest paintball variety on six fields in Richmond for guests aged 10 and older.

A menu of challenges will pit friend against friend in unique ways. Typical games include Capture the Flag, Hard Point, Modern Warfare (from the Call of Duty video games) and Demolition. We love the concept of Civil War, in which players remove the hoppers so that paintballs are loaded one at a time. Teams can elect guards to strategically protect their "president" and "medic" in VIP. In the appropriately named Ambush, teams must survive as they cross the paintball field and strategize to outmaneuver the ambush that awaits.

XZone's water-based Empire Paint paintballs do not stain clothes when washed up to a few days later - the memories will certainly last longer.

XZone was awarded the 2010 Service Partnership Award from the Chesterfield Community Service Board for its work with youth. A non-profit 501(c)3, XZone's motto is, "Empowering Lives in Our Community. "XZone has lived up to their motto by having worked to revitalize the Chesterfield community through sports, arts and education since 2004. Every dollar spent with XZone, whether on the skate park or on the paintball fields, helps to strengthen the Chesterfield community and to change young lives for the better through its education, arts and sports mentoring programs.

Group Logistics

Players may opt to order food a la carte from XZone's cafe, while groups of at least 25 players have the option of contracting XZone's café to cater the event. XZone's café can provide food choices such as hamburgers, philly cheesesteaks and meatball subs.

Groups of nine or less people are welcome as walk-ins. Groups of 10 or more people should call ahead of time to book a private referee. Events of 25 people or more must pay a $10 per person non-refundable deposit to book the date of the event.

Special rates are available for private and corporate parties. A basic rental package at XZone includes 500 paintballs per person, which equals between two and two and a half hours of play depending on the group's shooting speed.

XZone provides referees, masks, paintball markers and paintballs. No outside paintballs are allowed, but paintball markers, masks and chest protectors can be brought from outside the park. Premium paintballs that "break" better and easier are also available.

Up to 100 people can play at a time, making XZone an ideal choice for large groups.


6851 Courthouse Rd.
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832

[["37.40582", "-77.560863", "6851 Courthouse Rd.", "", "Chesterfield", "Virginia", "23832", "(804) 715-3232", "", ""]]

PartyRVA Discount

Mention PartyRVA at the time of booking to receive 10 percent off the per person cost for groups of 10 or more people.

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Less than 10 people play for $30/person, 10 to 24 people play for $25/person, and groups 25 or more play for $20/person. Prices include all gear rental plus 500 paintballs.

Parties of 25 people or more can typically be catered for $5-$7 additional per person.

All-facility rentals, in which a group gets private reign of the 8-acre field with referees, incur a non-refundable $50 preparation fee.

Date Night Tip

"The benefits of paintball at XZone include smaller fields and a variety of terrains to explore. Try to stay on same side. Shooting your date with paintball may not set the tone well for the next romantic evening." - Mona Jain, dating consultant, River City Romance


"This field is amazing! It is way better then just playing in the woods with your friends. Eric is a great guy that puts together some amazing things for us to do! And the employees always make you feel welcome. If you're looking for a place to play Airsoft or paintball this is the place to go!" - Jake H., Facbeook

"XZone is really fun and they have a really kind welcoming staff I highly recommend it to all paintballers and anyone who just wants to have some fun."

Excellent courses to choose from... My boys and their friends had a great time but it was my husband who was most disappointed when it was time to go! A wonderful time and an amazing deal. Thanks Xzone!

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