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Nate Marcus has been teaching Iron Chef culinary teambuilding events for groups from Capital One, Altria, Dominion and more since he moved to Richmond in 2011. He is a graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

Nate getting ready to put on an event

Over and over, he heard corporate groups say that there was no way to get ideas for their next fun day event. In 2014 he decided to create PartyRVA to link corporate groups with small mom-and-pop businesses. PartyRVA is a tool for people who want to support local initiatives but who do not know where to look to find them.

Along the way, PartyRVA expanded to include ideas for activities for non-corporate celebrations such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, girls' night out, date night, anniversaries, kids parties and birthdays.

PartyRVA is a free, one-stop shop for party planning.

The businesses on PartyRVA are "Local. Unique. Unpredictable." PartyRVA highlights small businesses in RVA to keep dollars local. Listings are by invitation only. We pre-screen businesses based on their their ability to deliver high-quality, memorable parties as judged by testimonials and our staff.

PartyRVA helps people organize their party ideas through a "MyParties" account, which they can then share with friends.

Group decisions have never been easier.

If you have or know of a small, local business that fits one or more of these categories, and would be great for private parties, please invite them to apply here: Contact Us

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