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5 Innovative Cold-Weather Corporate Fun Day Ideas

By PartyRVA Staff

5 of the most exciting teambuilding ideas in Richmond, for when the weather outside is frightful.


"Best work day ever! I didn't want to get out of my go cart when my time was up! I recommend this place any time esp on a rainy day!" - Casey R., Trip Advisor

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Drivers get a printout of their stats, and a winner is crowned

Twists and turns challenge drivers to out-maneuver one another on a ¼-mile indoor track, highlighted by yellow caution lights. A 325-foot-long straightaway makes it the fastest go-kart track in Virginia, while the horseshoe features two hairpin turns. Adult karts are 6 horsepower, and "superkarts" are available for qualifying drivers that go to 45 miles an hour.

Those are some of the reasons why G-Force is especially known for its indoor karting. But karting is one of the four innovative activities that G-Force offers.

Ready, set…….

The same facility houses Richmond's only location for a new national trend, Archery Tag. Included in the mix are inflatable bunkers, high-stakes targets, enemy bases, a game warden, and innovative rules. Foam-tipped arrows cause no pain.

Splat-less, paintless, climate-controlled, and year-round… there is nothing ordinary about “paintless paintball," another offering at G-Force. Weapons shoot Z-balls, tightly compressed foam balls that are not as painful as traditional paintball. Groups choosing paintball games can choose among three challenges: “Center Flag," “Capture the Flag" and “Elimination." Z-ball paintball is Richmond's only indoor paintball.

Center Flag, Capture the Flag and Elimination games

Or, teams can get lost in a psychedelic neon jungle in G-Force's 6500 square feet laser tag arena, spanning over two floors. Players will need to develop teamwork and communication to win.

G-Force has a large conference area, 4 private party rooms, and a corporate lounge area is on its way. All-facility events, typically booked during the week, accommodate 300 people or more.

Bring your A game.

G-Force is ranked as one the top things to do in Richmond by Trip Advisor. G-Force Karts gets the first space on our list as it offers indoor karting, archery tag, laser tag and paintball all in one innovative location.

More information about private parties with G-Force Karts can be found by clicking here: G-Force Karts

2. BUBBLE SOCCER - Richmond Bubble Soccer

Play indoors during the cold months.

As of December 2014, Richmond Bubble Soccer has partnered with the Ozone in Hanover in order to make what they call the "World's Greatest Sport" playable in the winter. Popular overseas, Bubble Soccer arrived in Richmond just last year. Two teams of five people bash, jump, boing and roll around the field trying to be the winning team. While it is a sport, players get caught up in the silliness and fun – and sometimes forget the ball.

Richmond Bubble Soccer uses the highest quality bubbles made of state-of-the-art 1-milimeter TPU with nylon strings on the inside for support. Safety is a priority; injuries are yet unheard of to Richmond Bubble Soccer except for a bump to the knee.

Richmond Bubble Soccer provides everything needed for a Bubble Soccer Tournament:soccer balls, goals, heart-pumping music, field markers, a referee and support staff. The whistle-bearing staff organizes the game play by helping people into bubbles, dividing teams and keeping score.

Most innovative way to stay warm and have fun

If you're still fuzzy or just want to be amazed, enjoy this video:

More information about private parties with Richmond Bubble Soccer can be found by clicking here: Richmond Bubble Soccer

3. IRON CHEF COMPETITION - Mise en Place Cooking School and Culinary Center

“The school itself was as charming as its location along the cobble-stoned streets of Shockoe Slip. There was wine and lots of great conversation. It was a wonderful experience and a good change in pace!" – Miranda S., Yelp

Nestled in downtown Shockoe Slip by the Martin Agency

Mystery ingredients revealed at the start of the clock. 1 hour. No recipes or using smart phones are allowed. Entries are judged based on categories such as creativity, originality, presentation, and of course taste. A team comes home the winner, but when plates are passed around, everybody wins.

Mise en Place refers to the French “everything in its place", or the cut, diced, sliced, and minced ingredients, ready to work their way down the recipe.

Mystery ingredients waiting for their iron chef teams

Trained and experienced chefs facilitate the Iron Chef Teambuilding Challenge at the cooking school. While decisions are left up to the teams, chef instructors help them execute their vision with helpful advice gained from many years of on-the-job training in the food industry. The idea is to come home learning something new –from knife skills, such as the most efficient way of chopping an onion, or knowledge such as what that “convection" setting means on your oven that you've never actually pressed.

Instead of the timed Iron Chef competition, teams can choose well ahead of the cookdate from a seasonal menu of appetizers, mains, sides and desserts. In this type of event the recipes are provided at the start, and all ingredients are set out for each dish. Teams work together to bring each dish to completion. A buffet at the end showcases the work, and forks fly furiously shortly thereafter.

Mise en Place hosts groups of up to about 16 in their downtown historic Shockoe Slip location. For larger groups of up to about 60 people, events are held at Kitchen Thyme on Broad Street in Henrico. The facility is equipped with four ovens and 1,500 square feet of space in their “dream kitchen" which is made specifically for larger corporate and private events.

Mise en Place hosts larger cooking events at Kitchen Thyme in Henrico

More information about private parties can be found by clicking here: Mise en Place Cooking School

4. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY - Strangeways Brewing

“Old school video game machines in the back... and cornhole out front! Yea, there's definitely no getting bored at Strangeways." Jaime D, Yelp

If you are looking to get to know your team on a level that borderlines inappropriate, and makes you question the entire make up of your existence, then get your team playing Cards Against Humanity. The game advertises itself as being unlike other games you've played before, in that it is “as despicable and awkward as you and your friends."

Never played? Here's the general idea. Similar to the game Apples to Apples, one player asks a question with a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. What this “Party Game For Horrible People" will do is melt away borders. There's no better location we could have picked than Strangeways Brewing.

Strangeways always has 25 unique beers on tap

Their Cards Against Humanity Throw Down invitational is every Monday at Strangeways Tasting Room, from 4-9pm, for the public. Corporate groups wanting to play can arrange for the brewery to open earlier and they can combine their visit with a tour and blind tasting of their brews.

The Strangeways brewery is a versatile and multi-purpose space – food trucks can park outside, and kegs can be moved with forklifts to make room for a stage – making it unique and effective for gatherings.

Schedule a beer tasting presentation

More information about private parties can be found by clicking here: Strangeways Brewing


"Loved this place! It was one of my most favorite days." Emily B., Yelp

All Fired Up believes "Art opens doors for conversation;" whereby activities create pressure-free quality time with co-workers. Events will be remembered through a tangible piece of art.

Voted "Best Corporate Team Building or Fun Day Experiences"

All Fired Up was named one of the “Best Corporate Team Building or Fun Day Experiences" by Richmond Magazine in 2014. A Richmond staple since 1996, All Fired Up offers all the following: pottery painting, wet clay, wheel throwing, glass fusing and glass painting. They have 3 locations in Short Pump, Carytown and Midlothian.

Corporate "fun days" are typically structured so that each person is given full range of the studio to do any activity from pottery painting to glass fusing, allowing for each person to craft something personally exciting and meaningful.

Acrylic paint on decorative pieces or glass painting can be ready by the end of the party; for wet clay, glass fusing and pottery painting, pieces are ready in one week. They can be picked up or mailed to each person by All Fired Up.

Projects for corporate group packages include travel mugs, glass dishes, beer stein, margarita glass, wine goblet, vase or picture frame to give office desks a makeover.

More information about private parties can be found by clicking here: All Fired Up

Stay tuned for our list of most innovative outdoor activities, coming in the warmer months.

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