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Our voting site was made with Capital One fun-day organizers in mind, but it can be used for any group event.

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STEP 1: Login.

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STEP 2: Create a Party.

Click on Create A Party and fill out the form. Make sure that "Allow Voting" is enabled.


STEP 3: Save Two or More Ideas

Search our listings. When you see something you like and that is in your budget, click on "Add to Party".


Repeat until you have at least 2 ideas.

STEP 4: Invite Your Friends or Team

From your account, click on your party page and click on "Invite". Add your guests' emails.


You're done!

Guests will see the options, read about them and vote for their favorite.

Don't forget that each great idea offers a PartyRVA discount when click on "SEND MESSAGE".

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