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Capital One organizers asked us to create a resource for their "fun day" events, to allow their employees to quickly and easily find and organize innovative ideas and then share them with their team. PartyRVA focuses on small businesses and highlights non-chain options that are home-grown in RVA. 

Premium Pricing Options and Q and A's

Position on the page

Q: What are premium listings and how do they work?

A: Premium listings are twice the size of standard listings. Premium listings are shown at the top of the category. They are only available through invitation from truly innovative activities that we believe embody the soul of our site. 

Our focus groups have shown that when most people like an idea on the top of the page, they stop scrolling down the page in order to reach out directly to the business. 

Q: What does it cost to have a premium listing?

A: Premium listings are sold on a 12-month basis. Pre-launch, the listing will run from January 1 2015 to December 31 2015.

Premium ListingPre-launch price/yearPost-launch price/year
First premium listing on the page$1500/year$2500/year
Second premium listing on the page$1200/year$2400/year
Third premium listing on the page$1000/year$2000/year
Fourth premium listing on the page$900/year$1800/year
Fifth premium listing on the page$850/year$1700/year
Sixth premium listing on the page$800/year$1600/year
Seventh  listing on the page$750/year$1500/year

Q: What is a standard listing and how does it work?

A: A standard listing looks like this (it appears bigger in page view):

Q: Does a standard listing have less information?

A: No! Premium and standard listings, once they are clicked on, open to the same view. All listings show: 1) a full-page view with your website, 2) telephone number, 3) contact link, 4) "Why We Picked It" write-up describing what makes your business unique, 5) private party information, 6) a google map, 7) a video, 8) price, 9) PartyRVA discount, 10) hand-picked testimonials and 11) useful links to social media and review sites. 

Q: Let's say I have a standard listing, but I want to be seen before my competitor. Can I be seen first?

A: You can affix your standard post to any position on the site as long as the position is available. Below are the prices per position for the year. 

*Businesses signing pre-launch (before January 1 2015) get 10% off these prices for 2015. 

PositionFor the yearPositionFor the YearPositionFor the

Q: What happens if I boost my post to #9, and no other business has boosted to numbers #1 to #8?

A: Then your post will go to #1! Listings that have not been affixed to a position will appear after the last boosted post. So if you are the only boosted post and your post is #45, you will be seen in the #1 spot, until another business boosts itself above yours. 

Q: What if I affix my post to #45 now, but I want to change to a higher number later? 

A: You can always do that, provided a higher number is available. We will discount the amount you spent on your previous position from the amount of the new position you'll move to - so that changing your mind in this way is penalty-free. 

Q: If I boost my post to #11, will I ever be seen lower than #11?

A: No. In that case, your listing will never go lower than the 11th spot. 

Q: If I have a listing in the ACTIVITIES, TEAMBUILDING and KIDS pages, do I pay to boost them separately?

A: Yes, listings in each category must be boosted separately. 

Q: Who are you offering boosted posts to?

A: We are inviting businesses in order of sign-up: businesses that signed with us pre-launch in November will pick before a business signed up in December. Anyone business invited to be on PartyRVA can boost a post.

Q: Are these prices in addition to what I paid for the normal listing?

A: Yes, these prices are in addition to a standard listing. 

Q: Why do we structure our prices this way?

A: The mission of PartyRVA is to support small, local businesses. Advertising online, on radio and on TV is incredibly expensive in Richmond. Rates typically start at $150 per week ($7800/year) but go up much more from there. As a service to small businesses we are compiling a list of prices across all media in Richmond to help businesses determine what may be in their budget without wasting a lot of time finding that out. 

For a small business looking to get the word out about private events, there are no affordable options. We try to keep costs very low because there are many small businesses that do not have the opportunity to grow their businesses through advertising. By paying for premium advertising, you are supporting PartyRVA in helping us create a great platform for all types of small, mom-and-pop businesses. 

Q: I'd like to be smart with my money. What can you tell me to help me figure out what listing is right for me?

Our philosophy is that a standard listing on PartyRVA should be less than the asking price of a single party. In other words, after the first group event booked through PartyRVA, the listing will have paid for itself. We hope to bring in much more business for you. 

We don't want businesses to pay more than makes sense for them, because our mission is that your business succeeds. We hope to be a way for you to grow your business. PartyRVA will feature and promote as many listings as it can, in as many ways as we can throughout the year, from our best-of blog to our social media channels and TV and newspaper outreach. 

If you have questions and/or are ready to move forward with your listing, please contact Nate at or anyone in our team at 

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