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PartyRVA is THE place people go to create a unique, local event.

PartyRVA connects people who are planning events with the awesome local businesses in their area.

We list you on our site for very low yearly rates, starting at $60/yr per category, getting you in front of thousands of monthly visitors.

Click below if you would like to start the process of being listed on PartyRVA's event directory.

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How do people find PartyRVA?

When you list on PartyRVA, you'll be part of the other businesses that appear #1 organically for our relevant search terms on Google, including: Bachelor Party Richmond Va, Bachelorette Party Richmond Va, Teambuilding Ideas Richmond Va, Baby Shower Richmond Va, Bridal Shower Richmond Va, Divorce Party Richmond Va... and more.

What awards has PartyRVA won?

In May 2015, PartyRVA won "Best Regional Startup 2015" by the Richmond Chamber in the i.e. Competition. We have also won other top awards in Virginia by STARTPeninsula 4.0 in November 2015 and Capital One in December 2015.

How does this compare to Groupon?

Discounters like Groupon ask businesses to discount nearly half of the normal price, and then they take a 40-60% cut off of what's left. On average, businesses only make 20-25 cents to dollar when they sell anything through Groupon. This isn't sustainable for businesses. Our mission is to provide local businesses an effective way to grow their business - without hurting their bottom line!

What do vendors say about PartyRVA?

"PartyRVA is our best resource for getting legitimate leads that translate into business! We receive an average of four inquiries weekly, (at least) half of which become new business. With PartyRVA, initial setup was incredibly easy, it was very affordable and we were up and running on the PartyRVA site in no time at all. Big thanks to the team at PartyRVA. What a Godsend!" From Terricinia St. Claire, The Tipsy Sommelier

"As a new space, we wanted to get the word out that we were open and ready to book events. PartyRVA exceeded our expectations in gaining exposure to new clients, and I would recommend its services to all spaces seeking to increase their clientele and overall exposure." From Jill Ware, The Depot

Get Listed On PartyRVA

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